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Even a misdemeanor theft charge in Fernandina Beach can affect your life in many ways. With the growing use of background checks for even the most entry-level jobs, this can serve as an obstacle. Felony offenses can also close many doors, affect professional licenses, and educational opportunities. It's vital to consider your legal options and to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Nassau County. Remember: an arrest does not mean that conviction will necessarily follow. There are many defenses that your attorney can use to fight for a favorable outcome.


If you have been accused of a misdemeanor or felony offense in Fernandina Beach, Hilliard, Callahan, or another Nassau County community, consider your defense options with defense attorney Bill Roelke. Bill With over 20 years of experience, Bill Roelke is a Florida trial veteran and understands how to look for and find weaknesses in the prosecution. This can prove invaluable when pursing dismissed charges, a not guilty verdict, acquittal, or other favorable options.

Bill Roelke represents men, women, and youth in Fernandina Beach, Hilliard, Callahan and surrounding Nassau County communities. His practice areas include defense of drug charges, domestic violence, juvenile crimes, weapon offenses, property crime, and DUI in Nassau County, FL, among other areas. He also serves as legal counsel in administrative matters such as license suspension hearings, protective order hearings, and early probation termination. Call (904) 354-0333 or send an online message to discuss your case during a free consultation.

Legal and Court Resources in Nassau County

Nassau County Clerk of Courts – Through this link individuals can find information regarding public and criminal records in Nassau County. The County Clerk is also responsible for processing fines and restitution paid by criminal offenders. The clerk can be contacted at:

76347 Veteran’s Way Suite 456
Yulee, Florida 32097
Phone: (904) 548-4600

Nassau County Sheriff’s Office – The sheriff’s offices maintains the jails in Nassau County. Through this link individuals can search for inmates who are currently incarcerated. Additionally the sheriff’s office handles the registration of sex offenders and parolee’s. The office can be located at:

76001 Bobby Moore Circle
Yulee, FL 32097
Phone: (904) 225-0331

Nassau County Cities

Fernandina Beach – 32034
Hilliard – 32046
Callahan – 32011

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Contact Roelke Law today for a free consultation about your specific situation and review your legal options. Bill Roelke is an experienced Fernandina Beach criminal attorney who will make every effort to find applicable defenses or mitigating factors in your particular situation to have your charges reduced or even dismissed. Contact Roelke Law at (904) 354-0333 or send and online message for a consultation about your alleged offense in Nassau County, FL.

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