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Jacksonville Criminal Law Resources

Duval County

Duval County Clerk of Courts – The clerk of courts is responsible for maintaining all documents filed in Duval County. This site allows individuals to access online services such as administrative orders, marriage licenses, court judgments, and other public records. The clerk of courts for Duval County can be located at:

Duval County Courthouse
330 East Bay Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Duval County Clerk of Courts Misdemeanor Department – The purpose of the misdemeanor court is to process all cases where an individual is charged with a misdemeanor including non-arrest misdemeanors and juvenile tobacco violations. Information regarding fine payments and court dates can be found through this link. The misdemeanor department can be located at:

Duval County Courthouse
Room M106
330 East Bay Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Phone: (904) 630-2070

Duval County Clerk of Courts Felony Department – The Felony Division handles all criminal offenses punishable by death or imprisonment exceeding one year. Through this link important court documents regarding restitution or record expunging can be found. The Felony Division is located at:

Duval County Courthouse
Room M101
330 East Bay Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Phone: (904) 630-2065

Duval County Traffic Violations Bureau – This site provides information regarding criminal and civil traffic violations. Here individuals can pay traffic fines online and access other pertinent information concerning traffic violations. The bureau can be located at:

3470 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Phone: (904) 391-6700

Duval County Juvenile Department – The Juvenile Department handles juvenile cases including delinquency and juvenile crime. Through this resource individual can access a juvenile fee schedule for restitution fees, public defender application fees and application for court appointed counsel fees. The Juvenile Department is located at:

Duval County Courthouse
Room 108
330 East Bay Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Phone: (904) 630-2072

Duval County Domestic Violence Department – The link provide individuals with information in reference to domestic violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, and dating violence and how to seek assistance with filing an injunction. The department is located at:

City Hall Annex
220 East Bay Street,
Jacksonville, Fl. 32202
Phone: (904) 630-7514

Track Your Case in Duval County – Individuals can utilize this tool to track their personal criminal case records in Duval County. Additionally, through this portal individuals can schedule their court dates for citations or in most cases pay their fines online.

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St. Johns County

St. Johns County Clerk of Courts – The mission of the clerk of courts is to provide citizens with access to public records. Through this link individuals can access felony and misdemeanor criminal records online or other important documents regarding criminal research. The clerk can be located at:

4010 Lewis Speedway
St. Augustine, FL 32084
Phone: (904) 819-3600

St. Johns County Traffic Information – This link provides information regarding online traffic payments. Other information concerning the Florida point system and a fine fee schedule for St. Johns County can also be accessed here.

St. Johns Sheriff’s Office – The sheriff’s office serves St. Johns County and provides law enforcement for its visitors and residents. The primary responsibility of the sheriff’s office is to answer all calls for service as well as investigate all criminal activity. The office can be located at:

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office
4015 Lewis Speedway
St. Augustine, FL 32084
Phone: (904) 824-8304

Track Your Case in St. Johns County – This link provides access to personal case records in St. Johns County. Anyone facing criminal felony, misdemeanor cases or traffic citations can access their case info here.

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Nassau County

Nassau County Clerk of Courts – Through this link individuals can find information regarding public and criminal records in Nassau County. Traffic fines can also be paid through this link. The clerk can be contacted at:

76347 Veteran’s Way Suite 456
Yulee, Florida 32097
Phone: (904) 548-4600

Nassau County Felony Division – The Felony Division of the county court handles cases that are considered felonies. These cases include sexual offenses, fraudulent checks, property crimes, murder, burglary and theft. Instructions concerning sealing and expungement of criminal records can be found here. The felony court can be contacted at:

Phone: (904) 548-4613

Nassau County Misdemeanor Division – The misdemeanor court handles all cases considered a misdemeanor in Nassau County. Misdemeanor court is held on Monday and Tuesday of each week. The court can be contacted at:

Phone: (904) 548-4613

Nassau County Criminal Traffic Division – The criminal traffic handles all traffic offense that can result in incarceration. Such offenses include driving under the influence, reckless driving, and driving while license suspended. The criminal traffic court can be located at:

Phone: (904) 548-4613

Nassau County Sheriff’s Office – The sheriff’s offices provides law enforcement for Nassau County. Through this link individuals can search for inmates who are currently incarcerated. Additionally the sheriff’s office handles the registration of sex offenders and parolee’s. The office can be located at:

76001 Bobby Moore Circle
Yulee, FL 32097
Phone: (904) 225-0331

Track Your Case in Nassau County – This link allows individual to track their person case information in Nassau County. Individuals can search for information by using their case number, case type, case category or case year.

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Clay County

Clay County Sheriff’s Office – The Clay County sheriff is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of county residents. The main goals of the sheriff’s office are to fairly and diligently enforce all laws and bring those who violate them to justice.

Clay County Sheriff’s Office
P.O. Box 548
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
Phone: (904) 264-6512

Track Your Case in Clay County – This link provides access to public case records in Clay County. Here individuals can search for their personal criminal, civil, family or probate case information. Additionally, the Clay County court calendar can be accessed through this link.

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Florida Statewide Resources

Supreme Court of Florida – As the highest court in Florida, the 7 justices of the state Supreme Court meet to decide on cases. The court also regulates the attorneys licensed in Florida and may remove judges. The Supreme Court has mandatory jurisdiction over death penalty cases, validity of state statutes and provisions, bond validations, rule of court procedures, and other matters.

Florida Supreme Court
500 South Duval Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1927

Florida First District Court of Appeal – The First District Court of Appeal has jurisdiction over final judgments or court orders in cases that aren’t appealable directly to the Supreme Court or aren’t taken from a county court to a circuit court. The Court of Appeal has the power to also review most actions carried out by the executive branch of the state government.

First District Court of Appeal
2000 Drayton Drive
Tallahassee, Florida
(850) 487-1000

Florida Drug Courts – The Drug Courts were established to help reduce the rate of repeat criminal offenses for individuals convicted of drug offenses in Florida. The court tests individuals periodically to ensure that they are meeting the terms of their treatment or probation. In the event that a person fails a drug test, he or she may be further penalized.

Florida Statutes Online – This website contains information related to Florida’s statutes for various offenses, ranging from criminal traffic violations to theft offenses. Unless otherwise noted, the statutes listed are current to the latest legislative session.

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles – The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is responsible for administering and processing driver’s licenses, commercial vehicle licenses, vehicle registration and other matters related to Florida’s public road system.

Florida Highway Patrol – The primary task of the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) is to regulate and control traffic on state highways. This also includes enforcement of traffic laws and regulations. The website listed contains information on traffic safety, crash reports, and related information.

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Client Reviews

I originally hired a trial attorney for my case who was very expensive. My friend recommended William Roelke and I hired him instead for my case. He reviewed my case carefully and all the presented evidence I provided. What I like about this attorney is prompt responses to my inquires, detailed...

Simir S.

Mr. William Roelke is outstanding. Beyond comparison, marvelous is the display of his craft. His professional demeanor and wonderful insight is amazing. Mr. Roelke has superior character and insight. Should you be in need of services, please don’t hesitate to engage, Mr. William Roelke. Simply The...

Frederick K.

What a pleasure to have Mr. Roelke in your corner! I have been very impressed from my first contact with Bill. He was very prompt to return my initial phone call, and he has always been forthright about our case options, and the advice given. Very calm and highly competent. He accomplished every...

Kevin B.

William Roelke is an experienced, ethical, well prepared, well educated, top notch attorney. I give William Roelke my highest recommendation. He guided our family through a complex set of charges, communicated with us on a regular basis, represented us well and the result....all charges dismissed...

Carol F.

I am very glad to have contacted William Roelke about my case. William was very professional, calm and well-spoken; I felt very comfortable doing business with him and I am more than pleased to say that my charges have been dropped. I highly recommend Roelke Law, William will surely take good care...

Jhon D.

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