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A criminal offense on your record can potentially lead to a life-time of unwanted repercussions, whether you are facing a felony or misdemeanor in Saint Augustine. For men and women, this can have an unfortunate affect on future employment, professional licenses, and even housing. Students may also face additional disciplinary action by their college or university, which may include probation or expulsion. However, it's important to remember that a charge does not mean that conviction will necessarily follow, regardless of how the situation may appear.


With over 20 years of experience as a Florida criminal defense attorney, Bill Roelke has represented hundreds of men, women, and youth facing criminal charges or administrative hearings. This experience, combined with a former career as a medical researcher, can prove invaluable in understanding techniques used by the prosecution and weakening their case against you. People facing charges of DUI in Saint Augustine, FL may find this perspective especially useful as the central piece of evidence is often the results of testing, which can be flawed.

If you are facing a criminal charge in St. Johns County or need assistance in an administrative matter, such as a criminal record sealing in Saint Augustine, contact Roelke Law. Bill Roelke provides dedicated legal counsel for people facing marijuana charges, assault charges, weapon charges, sexual offenses, violation of probation, theft charges, weapon offenses, and domestic violence charges in St. Johns County. Call (904) 354-0333 to discuss your specific situation with Bill Roelke and determine the best options to protect your future or that of your loved one.

Legal and Court Resources in St. Johns County

St. Johns Sheriff’s Office – The sheriff’s office serves St. Johns County in several capacities. The office is responsible for the county jails, maintaining the peace in court rooms, serving court papers, and enforcing civil court orders. The office can be located at:

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office
4015 Lewis Speedway
St. Augustine, FL 32084
Phone: (904) 824-8304

St. Johns County Clerk of Court – The St. Johns County Clerk is responsible for a variety of administrative matters in addition to maintaining court documents available for public viewing. The Clerk also provides various instructive resources for the community, processes summonses and fines for court-related matters.

4010 Lewis Speedway
St. Augustine, FL 32084
Phone: (904) 819-3600

Cities in St. Johns County

Saint Augustine – 32080, 32084, 32086, 32092, 32095
Saint Augustine Beach – 32080
Hastings – 32145

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Contact Roelke Law today to learn more about your options following charges for misdemeanor or felony offenses in St. Johns County. Bill Roelke will make every effort to find applicable defenses or mitigating factors in your particular situation to have your charges reduced or even dismissed. It's best to contact a defense attorney as soon after the initial arrest as possible. Remember: the prosecution and law enforcement will be building a case against you from the moment of arrest.

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