DUI Reduction and Dismissal

Being charged with a Florida DUI offense can be intimidating. The judicial and cultural consequences of a DUI conviction are serious and involve jail time, fines, license suspension, loss of credibility, and an overall reduction in freedom. However, if you're in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Saint Augustine, Atlantic Beach, Orange Park, or the surrounding areas, there could be hope for reduction or dismissal of your Florida DUI case if you hire an experienced Jacksonville DUI attorney.


Bill Roelke of Roelke Law is a Florida DUI criminal defense attorney with experience both as a judicial clerk and research scientist. If there is a crack in the prosecution's case or other justifiable reason for dismissal or reduction of DUI charges, Roelke can find it. Call Roelke Law for a free consultation today at 904-354-0333 or send an online message and see if your Duval County, St. Johns County, Nassau County, or Clay County DUI case has the chance for dismissal or reduction of charges.

Florida Reduction or Dismissal of DUI Charges

Not all Florida DUI cases go to trial. Depending on many different factors regarding your Jacksonville DUI case an experienced Duval County DUI lawyer may be able to get you a reduction or dismissal of charge through his knowledge and use of various motions. A DUI reduction or dismissal may be a possibility with one or a combination of the following factors:


  • First-time criminal offender
  • First-time DUI offender
  • Insufficient evidence for initial charge
  • Key evidence for initial charge is inadmissible
  • DUI test errors
  • Victim recantation
  • Plea bargain
  • Attendance of state-approved intervention program
  • Court heeds due to other mitigating circumstances


  • First-time criminal offender
  • First-time DUI offender
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Inadmissible evidence
  • DUI test errors
  • Violation of Rights
  • Attendance of state-approved, pre-trial intervention program
  • Judge approves Motion to Dismiss
  • Court heeds due to other mitigating circumstances

Duval County DUI Pretrial Intervention Program

In some cases, your DUI case may be available for dismissal and subsequent expungement with your participation in a state-approved pretrial intervention program. If you meet any of the following criteria, you may be eligible for this program:

  • First-time offender
  • Only one previous conviction for nonviolent misdemeanor
  • No previous participation in a pretrial intervention program
  • Prosecutor, judge, and any victims agree PTI is a viable option

The program usually involves a required specific number of hours of education, counseling, and/or psychological treatment, and once completed could make you eligible to get your Jacksonville DUI arrest completely off the record. If you are eligible, an experienced Duval County DUI lawyer can negotiate with the prosecution and the court in order to successfully place you in the program. Depending on the deal negotiated, your charges will then either be reduced or dismissed. Since dismissal of DUI charges does not clear them from your record, he can then guide you through the expungement or record seal process.

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When it comes to the reduction or dismissal of Florida DUI charges, early intervention is key. Call Jacksonville DUI attorney Bill Roelke today at 904-354-0333 for a free consultation, and see what Roelke Law can do to fight for reduction or dismissal of charges in your DUI case. Bill Roelke serves Jacksonville and the surrounding areas of Florida, including Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine, Orange Park and Fernandina Beach. Don't wait – call today.

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