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Boating Under the Influence

Florida is one of the premiere boating destinations in the United States. People come from all over to take advantage of the countless bodies of water that the Sunshine State is known for. Going out to the lake or beach should be a fun and relaxing time, but this is not always the case when alcohol is involved. Although many may not be well versed in Florida laws, there are strict penalties and consequences for those convicted of a BUI (Boating Under the Influence).

Considering that alcohol tends to be a prevalent part of many people’s enjoyment of Florida waterways, law enforcement is extremely vigilant when patrolling. This also goes for when they either pull a boat over or hear reports of dangerous boating. All that a police officer needs is a suspicion of boating under the influence and you can be sent to jail.

With this being the case, it is important that you understand the laws that are in place regarding boating under the influence, along with knowing the right criminal defense attorney to call if this unfortunate situation ever arises. A qualified attorney can argue on your behalf in the court of law and could mean the difference between a conviction and having the chance to leave this behind you and move on with your life.

Jacksonville Boating under the Influence Attorney

What starts out as a refreshing day can turn ugly very quickly if you are suspected of boating under the influence. A conviction can lead to prison time and fines, along with a DUI arrest on your record. With all there is to lose, having capable legal counsel at your side during this difficult time is paramount to reaching a favorable verdict.

William Roelke is the founder of Roelke Law P.A., and is an experienced criminal defense attorney serving Northeast Florida. He is committed to providing transparent representation while focusing on a defense strategy that uses Florida law and process to refute the charges at the most basic level. This dedication to client service and preservation of their rights will always remain priorities at Roelke Law.

If you would like to schedule a free and confidential consultation to go over the details of your case, please call (904) 354-0333 or send an online message today. In addition to Jacksonville, Roelke Law, P.A. also represents individuals from in and around the Northeast Florida areas of Neptune Beach, Baldwin, St. Augustine, Orange Park, Keystone Heights and Hilliard, among others.

Boating Under the Influence in Florida

According to Florida Statute §327.35, a person is guilty of the offense of boating under the influence if the person is operating a vessel within this state and:

  1. The person is under the influence of alcoholic beverages, any chemical substance in 877.111, or any substance controlled under chapter 893, when affected to the extent that the person’s normal faculties are impaired
  2. The person has a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or more
  3. The person has a breath alcohol level of 0.08

This definition clearly states that you can be arrested for a BUI offense simply by the law enforcement officer believing that your normal ability to operate a vehicle is impaired, due to an intoxicating or mind-altering substance.

As for the penalties, those convicted of boating under the influence in Florida will be looking at a potential presumptive sentence of up to six months in prison. There is also the possibility of a fine up to the amount of $500 and no less than $250.

If this is a second offense, the presumptive penalty will be up to 9 months in prison and / or up to $500 in fines. For those arrested a third time, the charge will be a felony of the third degree, which comes with a possible sentence of up to 5 years in prison and / or fines of up to $5,000.

For BUI situations that include an accident which lead to another being seriously injured, the offending party can be charged with a third degree felony, which will have the same sanctions as the offense above.

Roelke Law, P.A. | Duval County BUI Arrest Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been charged with boating under the influence, now is the time to take the steps necessary to fight these allegations and move on with your life. The most efficient and productive manner of doing this is to work directly with a competent criminal defense attorney who can frame a defense strategy that weakens the accusations and provides a greater chance for a reduction or dismissal of charges.

William Roelke is an intelligent and effective lawyer that will use his extensive experience in these types of cases to take every opportunity possible to refute the basis of the charges and help you leave this difficult situation behind so you can start living again.

Call (904) 354-0333 or send an online message to set up a free consultation to discuss you case with the legal staff at Roelke Law. In addition to serving Duval County, William Roelke also proudly represents individuals throughout St. Johns County, Clay County and Nassau County.

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I originally hired a trial attorney for my case who was very expensive. My friend recommended William Roelke and I hired him instead for my case. He reviewed my case carefully and all the presented evidence I provided. What I like about this attorney is prompt responses to my inquires, detailed...

Simir S.

Mr. William Roelke is outstanding. Beyond comparison, marvelous is the display of his craft. His professional demeanor and wonderful insight is amazing. Mr. Roelke has superior character and insight. Should you be in need of services, please don’t hesitate to engage, Mr. William Roelke. Simply The...

Frederick K.

What a pleasure to have Mr. Roelke in your corner! I have been very impressed from my first contact with Bill. He was very prompt to return my initial phone call, and he has always been forthright about our case options, and the advice given. Very calm and highly competent. He accomplished every...

Kevin B.

William Roelke is an experienced, ethical, well prepared, well educated, top notch attorney. I give William Roelke my highest recommendation. He guided our family through a complex set of charges, communicated with us on a regular basis, represented us well and the result....all charges dismissed...

Carol F.

I am very glad to have contacted William Roelke about my case. William was very professional, calm and well-spoken; I felt very comfortable doing business with him and I am more than pleased to say that my charges have been dropped. I highly recommend Roelke Law, William will surely take good care...

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